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Record Automatic Doors


Record Automatic Doors Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiss-based AGTA Record Group. We are one of 17 strategically located subsidiary companies, formed through acquisition and merger of three successful Australian door companies: AGP Door Systems, Doorways and Advanced Automatic Door Solutions.

Record’s automatic door products are of the highest quality, supplied by a group with local knowledge and experience, and backed by of one of the world’s largest and most successful door companies since 1953. The group installs around 75,000 new door systems of different types every year.

Record delivers full and comprehensive know-how in manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatic access systems of all types. Our scope ranges from innovation, development and production of mechanical and electronic components, to the design and installation of entire door systems, and then to the full range of repair and maintenance services.

Increasingly, we are sourcing components and materials internationally rather than manufacture everything in house, and this now-common practice presents new and evolving challenges.

Part of our operating ethic is to progressively improve in the broadest-possible terms. Obviously, that must include our suppliers, and beyond them into their operating environments.

Engagement with the UN Global Compact, and locally with Global Compact Network Australia, provides us with guidance, standards, knowledge and tools to progress in this endeavour to improve ourselves, and consequently to improve the circumstances of people and environment in our sphere of influence.


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