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We founded Paying.Green® on the simple but powerful idea that the strong public sentiment on climate change can be translated into positive action for the environment through a simple consumer choice: to only deal with businesses that are Climate Champions.

Business and consumer power are two of the strongest forces on earth and can generate meaningful climate action.

Paying.Green® exists to bring these forces together to responsibly decarbonise our economies – preserving both the environment and our livelihoods.

At Paying.Green® we’ve made it our mission to turn everyday heroes into climate heroes.

We are not climate consultants, activists or Over The Counter brokers.

We disrupt the carbon offsetting industry by removing speculation and traditional fixed-price mark-ups. Instead, our atmosphere will benefit from the wholesale pricing, tax exempt, not-for-profit and transparent governance structures we have invested in.

We believe that being climate smart is business smart.


We deliver Smarter Net Zero™ to Businesses in three ways;


For small and medium size businesses that want a smart and convenient carbon offsetting subscription without the technical details.

Designed to maximise carbon offsetting and recognise businesses for doing the right thing.

Carbon Neutrality Membership

For businesses that want access to our exclusive carbon offsetting model to provide credibility to their Carbon Neutrality statements.

Our valued Carbon Neutrality Members benefit from our Foundation’s not-for-profit carbon offsetting structure and have their Climate Commitment recognised.


Climate Smart Payments

Achieve a carbon positive outcome and at the same time elevate your brand relevance and customer lifetime value.

A brand partnership with Paying.Green® will allow you to engage your customers in your climate response through the Act of Paying Green®, leveraging consumer influence to increase your social license.

Paying.Green®’s Smarter Net Zero® climate solutions deliver business value while raising the funds needed to deliver as many carbon offsets as possible while humanity transitions to net-zero emissions. We do this in a meaningful, efficient, and smart way.

You can measure our performance by one thing:

We maximize the number of carbon offsets per dollar of funding raised.


Grow your business and be on the right side of history.

Learn more at www.paying.green

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