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O3 Water

O3 Water is an Australian start-up, a uniquely distinctive tech start-up.

Using innovative technology, they develop solutions for one of the two most critical elements for all life on the planet. Their aim is to improve the lives of billions by providing safe clean water in a sustainable way – one child, one community, at a time.

Over 18 years we successfully tested and developed an evolutionary water treatment technology, called aoniq*. Unlike existing methods, aoniq* does not use environmentally damaging chemicals to kill waterborne pathogens. The innovation enabled them to build the world’s first portable water treatment plant producing 3,600 litres of clean safe water every hour, that’s 1 litre/sec, from a unit weighing 100kg and occupying less than half a cubic metre of space. The aoniq* technology is also infinitely scalable and capable of treating mega litres of contaminated water every hour.

aoniq* has endless practical applications in agriculture, wastewater, commercial buildings, apartments, hospitals, food production, mining and more. In natural disasters, emergency portable plants can be quickly deployed by road or by air to provide instant clean safe water.

Even legacy treatment plants can be upgraded and/or modified with the aoniq* technology to further increase efficiency in an environmentally safe manner. Alternatively, O3 Water technology can be built as standalone decentralised treatment plants at remote, rural, and regional centres.

*aoniq is a registered trademark of O3 Water Pty Ltd

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