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Hart International Australia


Hart International Australia provides high quality, task-focused security solutions. We manage and mitigate security risks so our clients can focus solely on their commercial aims and objectives.

Hart International Australia was formed in 2007 with the aim of delivering high-quality risk mitigation services to government clients.  Those services have expanded to commercial clients. We are recognised as an industry leader in the provision of quality and innovative safety and security training, consultancy and operations.

Hart International Australia began as a branch office of Hart International and part of the RW Chelsea Group of companies (www.chelseagroupworldwide.com). Today it is an Australian owned and operated business with an area of expertise in working with governments with the Hart team providing training, consultancy and operational support at embassies around the globe.

Hart International Australia have three business units – Training, Consultancy and Operations. Each business unit supports and integrates with the others providing our clients with an all-inclusive service delivery.

Our Operations Unit consistently deploys alongside our clients, so we know exactly what the current operating environment is whether that be high risk locations like Syria, Libya or Yemen, or civil fragility like Hong Kong or criminal threats such as a recent task we completed in Juarez, Mexico. Our operational knowledge is based on contemporary experience; by working in these environments, we know what is realistic and workable rather than what is recommended in a textbook.

Our Consultancy Unit have personnel embedded within embassies and commercial organisations worldwide. Our consultancy Unit support our Training Unit when designing courses for Five Eye government clients or commercial companies because we understand the operating environment from within.

Our Training Unit has been delivering effective security training for governments, media and commercial clients since 2007. Hart designed early hostile environment courses for the Australian Government, and we have evolved that training and now deliver a suite of complementary security training courses across dozens of government departments, the commercial sector and media.

Hart are certified to the following standards ISO9001, ISO18788 and ANSI/ASIS PSC-1:2012.