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Futureye is a management consulting firm specialising in public affairs and social licence to operate. The company was established by Katherine Teh-White in 2002 to assist companies and organisations dealing with public concerns about their operations.

As one of Australia’s leading management consultancies, the company aligns stakeholder expectations with company performance to protect organisations from the uncertain outcomes of community concern and public outrage.

Futureye provides corporate and risk communications strategy, media monitoring, issues management, and advisory and training services to many of Australia’s largest organisations and industries. Futureye works with a range of stakeholders and systems to help businesses address the political and regulatory risks that come with a negative reputation.

The Futureye logo and name

The logo features a range of characters with very different eyes joined together to form a whole which highlights that diverse and conflicting viewpoints, cultures and communities, can be a powerful force to solve the challenges in achieving sustainable development. Thinking which uses multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective approaches enables planning, which delivers real solutions to real dilemmas in the eyes of all stakeholders.

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