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Dual Chelate Fertilizer Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer of speciality fertilizer based in Australia and specialising in advanced plant nutrition and with patented technology. DCF works with leading universities and scientists worldwide (including Australia, the USA and Asia) to understand the most efficient technologies to transport nutrients into plants, and in translocation of different nutrients within plants where nutrient corrections are required. As a result of our extensive research and development work, DCF has been able to combine several advanced nutrient technologies together to introduce highly efficient Dual Chelation Technology. With this technology, sustainable & organically derived fertilizer products are generally used for a healthier future.

DCF is committed to improving the prosperity of their farming community and the region where they are based. Dual Chelate Fertilizer Pty Ltd.’s reputation as a provider of technical agronomic consultancy services has been developed and maintained through: collaborative Research and Development with world-class research organisations; innovation; exceptional client focus; dedicated teamwork; and the agility and flexibility to meet the unique needs of their clients. They are dedicated to serving our customer’s needs in every aspect to achieve individual objectives.

Their mission is to be the most respected and attractive supplier in the plant nutrient industry, creating value for all their stakeholders. They always focus on the best interest of the end-users. They are innovative and strive to advance our technical expertise to increase efficiency, environmentally friendly and cost-effective crop production.

Visit: www.dualchelate.com.au



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