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Established in 2007, Arowana has grown from its Australian roots into a global B Corporation with operating companies and investments in electric vehicles, renewable energy, vocational and professional education, technology and software, venture capital, and impact asset management.

With decades of experience as both an investor and operator in diverse fields ranging from enterprise software, education, media and training, road infrastructure services, solar development, and critical power services, Arowana formulated and executed on a strategy to build a differentiated firm that focused on applying a combination of operational, technological, and financial skills to scale up companies in an entrepreneurial manner. As a result, the Arowana team today has an uncommon blend of cross-functional skills across operations, technology, and investment. Arowana is constantly adding new expertise and capabilities to create a well-rounded, agile, and future-proofed enterprise.

Arowana is proud to have been recognised for their impact, their innovation, leadership, and execution globally with awards from Real Leaders, the International Business Awards (IBA), the Asia Pacific Stevie Awards, and the Turnaround Management Association (TMA).

Arowana  took the name of Arowana, a tropical freshwater fish primarily found in Southeast Asia, because of its unique characteristics. The Arowana is a highly resilient and resourceful fish known for its boldness. Growing to an average of three feet in length, it can jump more than two metres out of the water to catch food. Rare in the wild, it dates from prehistoric times and are survivors with a long history of adaptation. For them , this fish is a good metaphor for their business: resilient, resourceful, bold, and adaptable.

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