Environment | 101 on Science Based Targets

Stephen Andelo | March 27, 2020

On 28 March 2019, the GCNA in collaboration with the WWF hosted its first Science Based Targets 101 webinar to provide an overview of the SBT Initiative, how it has been received globally, the process of committing to a SBT, and how Australian businesses are responding. The discussion specifically addressed the following:

  • What is a Science Based Target
  • To what extent Science Based Targets are becoming important
  • How companies find value in committing to Science Based Targets
  • How companies are already responding to Science Based Targets and implementing them in practice
  • How companies align the Science Based Targets with their business strategies goal-setting process
  • How businesses in Australia are responding to the global call to action
  • IPCC Special Report Update and its impacts on setting a target


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